about the sisters

“Sole refers to the soles of our feet. The journeys we take are on our feet, we run, we dance, we stumble, we fall, but importantly, we get back up on the soles of our feet after everything. Some days are easier than others, but regardless, life keeps going even if you can’t, so we try.”

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Jordyn is as casual as any Coloradan can be, however, she resides in Europe with her husband and 2 year old Boxer.

Jordyn loves warm tea, iced coffee, the salt of the ocean in the air, the howl of wind coursing off a mountain, quiet mornings and loud music. She is always up for grabbing a stout beer, adventuring, writing, photographing and seeking the little amazements in life with a husband and a pup by her side. She simply has aspirations of being the best person that she can be, with no limitations. She dares to dive in the deep end. She dares to be free.



Courtney is Coloradan turned “big city.”She lives with the company of three animals and she dares to go above and beyond what is expected.

Courtney spends her time on the east coast, barging through every brunch place and boutique in sight. She enjoys spending her time with her 5 year old German Shepard pup, sipping on coffee in solace or deep in the city. While she isn’t taking in the beauty of her surroundings, she could be found at a local gym or a watering hole enjoying her 20’s. Courtney is an adjunct professor at her local little college, and she often dreams of returning to the mountains one day.